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Each month we select a Cappuccine partner to highlight.
We give them the spotlight to share their story and what works for them.
Location: 14 W Lanikaula St #105, Hilo, HI 96720
Website: https://www.teapressohi.com
Number: (808) 731-6276
Tell us about Teaspresso Bar Hilo
• We’re a locally owned/managed bubble tea store in the Teapresso Bar chain. Our store opened in December 2018 and immediately became the top and only high-volume store in the chain of +30 stores that includes Hawai’i, Washington, California, Texas and most recently Arizona. Our chain is best known for our high quality “brew-to-order” milk tea, coffee and tea beverages. We also serve blended drinks, many that now include Cappucine Flavors.
What percentage of your business are beverages?
• +96%
How many Cappuccine flavors do you offer?
• 10, and we’ll be adding another 4 in the coming months.
What percentage of your customers are tourists vs. locals?
• Probably less than 3% are tourists.
How did you discover Cappuccine?
• Google, on a search for red velvet mixes for a Valentine Day beverage.
Do you sell baked goods? If so, can you share your favorites?
• We recently started to carry an “Ube Crinkle Cookie”. Ube as a food product is recently very popular amongst the bubble tea and local community.
What would you like people to remember about Teaspresso Bar Hilo?
• Quality beverages served quickly by friendly baristas.
Do you have any Hawaiian themed drinks that you’d like to share?
• Lavaflow smoothies (includes fresh pineapples with strawberry walls); Blue Hawaiian Lemonade (organic lemonade, coconut flavor and Blue Curacao); Homemade Haupia Series (Haupia is a coconut-based sauce/dessert we cook in-house and available only at our store. We have a series of colorful frappes; a local favorite is Spicy Lihing Lava series of slushies that uses Mexican spices and a local asian plum flavoring.

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